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Hello everyone!

I am Sarah Rita Kattan, from Lebanon. I have served as a World Scout Committee member for the past 4 years and would like to continue our journey together in reaching Vision 2023. Through this website, I hope you can get to know my motivation and experience better. Feel free to get in touch for any questions!

My Motivation

Serving in the World Scout Committee

I have served as a World Scout Committee member for the past four years and would like to continue my journey in World Scouting for another term. In 2011, I was elected as a Youth Advisor and was involved since then in various decision-making processes instrumental in bringing intergenerational dialogue and diversity to the forefront of our movement. Building on my engagement in the development and implementation of Vision 2023, I am keen on supporting NSOs to achieve the goals of the Strategy for Scouting in this triennium. 

Following closely four strategic priorities as a strategic oversight of educational methods, the WSC liaison to the 14th World Scout Youth Forum, and the humanitarian action scouting provided in times in crisis in Lebanon as well as in different parts of the world, I strive to create more opportunities and partnerships for the recognition of scouting externally within other educational and institutional entities. This while consolidating internally our structures, support systems, governance and communication and delivering quality youth programmes to young people within a safe environment. 

Our role in our communities is driven by our Scout values that we develop through non-formal education as exemplified in Scouting, which I would like to pursue till 2024.

My Scouting Experience

From a Rover Scout to the World Scout Committee

My contribution

Priorities for better scouting

Non-formal Education

I believe that non-formal education is at the core of Scouting’s impact and resilience as it is what makes young people learn how to shape their own futures and build better communities based on shared values. We need to reinforce our recognition as the leading educational youth movement by building partnerships and reinforcing the relevance of our educational proposal in this changing reality.

Safe from Harm

Safe from harm, is the basic infrastructure we need to provide young people to be able to enjoy our programs. I believe we need to pair education and cultural change with mechanisms and processes to ensure a safe environment where young people can achieve their full potential. 

Capacity Building of NSOs

In our recovery from the pandemic, through the WOSM services and other tools, we can build capacity by empowering NSOs to reinforce the role of adults in Scouting, support young people and particularly women in decision making and monitor our social impact.

Diversity and Sustainable Growth

Scouting in its definition, provides equal opportunities for everyone to benefit from its educational program. Our diversity, intergenerational and multicultural exchanges enriches our movement and are key for our sustainable growth and outreach, while ensuring the quality of our youth program.

New Strategy for Scouting 

Witnessing the progress made in the world and especially in the Arab region in terms of youth engagement and gender equality, and being from a multicultural society, my experience in educational methods and dedication to World Scouting will not only allow me to support NSOs in reaching Vision 2023, but also to develop a new Strategy for Scouting that can cater to our future needs and goals as a movement. 

Scouting in Lebanon

Let us get in touch ! 

You can reach me through social media or on my email:

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Shaping the future of the World Scout Movement

In August 2021, the 42nd World Scout Conference and 14th World Scout Youth Forum will bring together delegations from 172 National Scout Organizations and global partners to shape the future of the world’s leading educational youth movement. 

Photos are from the Lebanese Scouting Federation and World Scouting